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Providing Global Tele-Medicine for the 21st century


MD21 is the only COMPLETE Telemedicine Solution for Patients and Employers

At MD21, we provide the latest in innovative telehealth technology for individuals and companies. We are the only solution that utilizes a wide variety of technologies in order to provide premier and convenient telemedicine services world-wide. From bluetooth enabled diagnostic devices to MedCab solutions, MD21 has all the cutting-edge tools needed to ensure a positive, private and secure experience with providers.


The MD21 Mobile App

Doctor consultation is more convenient and closer than ever before. You can access the best most sought after doctors and therapists in the world

You can make, right now, from your phone, tablet or computer, a real , live, on-demand video visits with a Physician or therapist of your choice.

Doctors will be able to review your history, answer questions, diagnose, treat and prescribe medication



MedCabs offers your organization a professionally designed, point-of-care that includes:.

  • Immediate, high-definition video consults
  • Integrated peripheral and biometric devices for high quality, real-time exams
  • Self-guiding, intuitive technology
  • International and National, board-certified physician network, through MD21.
  • Access to: Top Physicians, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Personal Trainers and Consulants.
  • GPS location for optimal care
  • Upload / Scan your records
  • Supports online pharmacy
  • Self Check-in

Medical Attendant

The Medical Attendant delivers more affordable and convenient care at work, hotel or a supplement to a physician existing clinic. The Medical Attendant brings together unmatched value for both employers and their employees as well as for consumers and patients:

  • Open a low-cost clinic or an expansion to your practice or business
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase Employee satisfaction
  • Extend your existing clinic staff to serve other locations online
  • Expand and attract customers
  • Capture Rx/OTC transactions
  • Combine physical staff with online staff
  • Build partner programs

Bluetooth Enabled Diagnostic Devices

Accessories (EKG, Otoscope, Blood Pressure, Thermometer) are offered for FREE for one year pre-paid membership

  • GPS location for optimal care
  • Upload your records automatically
  • Capture data from other devices and integrated through MD21 instantly
  • Integrated peripheral and biometric devices
  • Vital sign collection from anywhere in the world