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Global eConsults that Connect Patients and Providers to the World’s Top Specialists

MD21 is the Global tele-medicine for the 21st Century and beyond. MD21 offers Concierge telehealth and live eConsults on demand services, provides unlimited access to the world’s top specialists, doctors, therapist, dietitians, and personal trainers. MD21 and MD21-Performance offers an expansive network of top physicians with variety of specialties combined with advanced telemedicine and diagnostics to provide an unparalleled healthcare experience. MD21 offers access to top physicians, researchers, nurses, social workers, top dietitians, and psychiatrist all of whom manage all aspects of your health affairs world-wide.

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Whereas other telemedicine services connect you to random doctors with unknown credentials, MD21 has developed an extensive network of elite physicians and specialists spanning across a broad range of disciplines. Our experienced, world-renowned medical providers go through a stringent selection process to ensure the highest quality of care.

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Transforming The World One Life At A Time™

For Patients

Global concierge care. Multispecialty services.Unlimited visits. Top Specialists and most advanced testing available.

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For Employers

Reduce cost and improve quality of healthcare. Unlimited visits with top specialists and therapists, and Medical Report Cards building

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For Providers

eConsults that Connect Providers to top Specialists! We enable primary care providers to quickly and easily discuss their cases with top specialists.

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Advanced Diagnostics Through Integration

MD21 provides patients with advanced diagnostic services by integrating everyday technologies with diagnostic devices and labs.

The MD21 app integrates with your other health and fitness apps on your phone,making your data available to your physician(s).

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MD21 Mobile App integrates with medical diagnostics devices via Bluetooth® for real-time diagnostics during your consultations and provides the exclusively the Genius Medical Report ™

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MD21 is the only global medical concierge service provider that utilizes advanced lab testing, including genetic markers.

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