About MD21

MD21, initially known as www.myGlobalClinic.com, was founded in 2014 by board certified North American based physicians to be the world’s first and only Global premiere concierge Telehealth provider. Our goal is to deliver high quality multi-specialty healthcare solutions to individuals and business as well as support for other providers through out the world.

Whether online, via mobile device, through our MedCabs or in person, MD21 is there to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week wherever you are in the world.

In order to provide instantly accessible world-class care, MD21 created an extensive network of hand-picked specialists from across the globe. Combining superior providers with advanced telehealth technology, that is 100% proprietary, 100% Secure, 100% private, makes MD21 the best telemedicine healthcare provider worldwide, securing its place as a telemedicine trailblazer.

The MD21 Philosophy

MD21 was built on the philosophy that, no matter where you are, exceptional healthcare should always be accessible at an affordable rate.

When we say “Transforming The World One Life At A Time” we really mean that. We want each individual to have the best most personalized health care possible. We want to be your personal health care provider, for the rest of your life. We will guarantee the best health care using the world’s top experts.

As part of our efforts to ensure that everyone receives the best care, we have also established MD21 Foundation, which provides free health care for those who cannot afford it. It is a simple process, for every 20 paid clients we automatically provide 100% free health care to one family who is in need. So rest assured not only will you be getting the best health care from the world’s Top Specialists, by signing up, you also help provide health care for those who are in dire need.

With that in mind, MD21 was crafted to serve:
  • Corporations with employees who travel or live internationally
  • Individual consumers who love to travel
  • Those who desire easy access to elite health care services through various forms of technology
  • Health Systems
  • Self Insured
  • Co-op Insurance
  • Global Clients who need to access the best providers wherever and whenever.

In short, MD21 is the only provider of excellent healthcare on the move. At the touch of a button. On a global scale.