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Voted #1 Global Tele-Medicine

Cost-Effective, Cutting-Edge Healthcare. Everyone. Everywhere. Anytime.

Regardless of your needs, MD21 offers convenient, user-friendly, inexpensive telehealth services.
Our easy-to-use interface allows patients of all ages and activity levels to access their healthcare providers.
Concierge Medicine. Anytime. Anywhere


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Do you do a lot of traveling and want complete healthcare coverage, regardless where you are in the world? MD21 offers worldwide healthcare coverage.

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Is your child’s student healthcare plan insufficient? Choose MD21 to provide them with comprehensive healthcare services through our fixed-price, unlimited coverage.

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Are you paying too much for healthcare? With MD21, you will have unlimited visits with the providers of your choice. No co-pay and no-surprise cost.

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Access to your multi-specialty provider team from the comfort of your home.

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Do you live in a remote area with limited access to specialists and world-class healthcare? Sign up today for premier healthcare in the comfort of your home.

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No matter where you are on the globe, MD21 provides complete healthcare services utilizing world-renowned physicans and advanced telehealth technology.

Once you experience MD21’s concierge telehealth services, you’ll never look at healthcare the same way again. MD21 offers an expansive network of top physicians with variety of specialties combined with advanced telemedicine and diagnostics to provide an unparalleled healthcare experience.

  You are all treasured by us. Not only do we appreciate your incredible medical care but how you made us feel like friends.- John S.

Why You Should Choose MD21 as Your Healthcare Provider

Low-fixed monthly fee
Unlimited visits without co-pay or other hidden costs
Broad range of specialties and disciplines
Your choice of provider(s)
Access to world-renowned physicians
Board certified doctors
100% secure privacy
24/7 access, anytime, anywhere
Preventative healthcare and advanced diagnostics
Ability to reduce your healthcare cost
Access to all your medical records
Access to dietitians and personal trainers
Access to mental health providers

You Have Access to Some of the Best Providers in the World

Here are some of our providers. Once you register, you have access to our extensive network.

Increase medical coverage. Decrease costs. Take advantage of our comprehensive telehealth services today!